Hockey Stick Guitars—Recycling at its Finest

By Alex Nino Gheciu on June 05, 2014

We here at
Chill are big fans of shredding. Shredding ice. Shredding guitars. Pretty much shredding in all contexts.

But John Burgess has found a way to combine all of the above via guitars made out of hockey sticks. We'll give you a second to reassemble your mind, which has surely just been blown.

Burgess, sole proprietor of Johhny B. Guitars, has been building custom axes since the axes, but got the idea to make them out of old hockey sticks a few years ago.

"As a kid I loved playing hockey," says the 47-year-old London, ON resident. "I thought it would be fun to make a guitar out of hockey sticks as a kind of tribute to those days. I liked the idea of using old sticks with lots of characters on them; each stick has its own story of games won and lost."

All of Burgess' guitars are basically hand made. He uses a drill press and some basic hand tools, but no CNC.

"I like to put the main logo of each stick on the front of the guitar," he says. "A lot of time is spent figuring out where each stick will be placed. Every stick has to be planed down on three sides before glueing them together to make the body. I had design and build a special clamp to glue the body together."

Here's what this bad boy sounds like.

Hock n' Roll! 
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By Alex Nino Gheciu| June 05, 2014
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